Omelet Ramen - Koraku

The Tenshin Ramen at Koraku Ramen in Little Tokyo is not the best dish, nor is the tastiest dish. . . it is just my favorite. I have a secret craving for eggs. . .any type of eggs. Anyways. . .This is my favorite at Koraku. Usually, the egg (omelet) includes shrimp, but i usually ask without shrimp. This is a simple ramen dish, that I know I can't go wrong with. With some white pepper, I am good to go. So, why order anything else?

For those that don't know what white pepper is. White pepper is one the ultimate condiments for Asian dishes.

The fried rice is also great as well. The fried rice is one of the more underrated menu items.

Koraku is one of the couple of late night restaurants in Little Tokyo. (Suehiro Cafe being the other) Koraku is great place to go after going to the bars, clubs, Laker games, USC games, and Dodger games. The unfortunate thing is that the parking in Little Tokyo kinda stinks.

Koraku Restaurant
314 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 687-4972

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  1. I totally agree. Koraku ramen pretty much sucks, but we still go because it's 24 hours.

  2. I love Koraku!You have to try the Tenshinhan (sp?) its the omelet over rice with sweet and sour sauce over the top! The pork cutlet is also good!


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