Yifan C. - Taipei

Yifan C. - Taipei aka 露露

I was born in Taiwan and had lived in New Zealand, Japan, and London for some years. (but never been to China or the States!) I love traveling, photographing.....aiming to take photos like the ones on the magazines. Now I am working in Taipei as a working mother. It's hard to go to nice restaurants with a little baby.

I like all arranges of Taiwanese, Japanese and European cuisines. But I dislike spicy and over-fatty dishes.

02/28/09 味の時計台 - ramen in Sapporo
02/25/09 味一番つばさ - ramen in Sapporo
02/24/09 DOZO Izakaya ‧ Dining Bar
01/10/09 定食 8 - Japanese teishoku