Cocktail of the Week - Godmother

A Godmother is a derivative of the Godfather cocktail - which is Amaretto and Scotch. The Godmother - which is Vodka and Amaretto, is a sweet drink that goes well with Cigars. Basically any sweet cocktail will go well with cigars.

Personally, I just discovered the drink a couple of years ago. I usually have this drink about once a month. Its a simple drink that is heavy in alcohol - with both Vodka and Amaretto.

One story I'd like to share, was when I was at a cafe in Ningbo, China - waiting at the airport. I noticed on the menu that they served alcohol. I promptly asked if they knew how to make a godmother. My friend and I expected them to not know how to make it. So, I asked them if I could go back to their bar and make the drink. After getting clean glasses and some fresh ice, I proceeded to make us a couple of Godmothers. Quite satisfying till we boarded our plane.

*1.5 oz. Vodka
*1.5 oz. Amaretto