Cocktail of the Week - Jack and Coke

I usually drink Jack & Coke's when I am at a bar or club with friends. When it is crowded and your want to get buzzed fast - this is my drink of choice. The Jack & Coke is easy to make and very hard to mess up. I don't mind it when it is strong or weak. The carbonation and sweetness of the coke with the whiskey gets your more buzzed faster. This drink/cocktail combination is so popular that Jack Daniels markets a Jack & Coke in a can. This Jack & Coke in a can is sort of like the 80's version of a wine cooler.

Anyways. . . Here is how you make it. . .

Old Fashion Glass or Collins Glass
* 1 part Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
* 3 parts Coca-Cola
* Ice