Sixes - Hole in the Wall Mexican Food

1. Tacos Baja - Best Fish Tacos.
2. Yuca's - Great Tacos and Burritos.
3. Tacos Villa Corona - Awesome burritos and maybe the best breakfast burrito in LA.
4. El Tepeyac Cafe - Hugh portions
5. El Abajeno - Best Carnitas
6. King Taco - Quick, Dirty, Fast, and Easy. . .


  1. What about El Taurino? Michocan(sp)?

  2. You know, chefbliss, I've never liked Tito's taco's. I know they are famous. . .but was never a big fan.

  3. Steve, I've never tried El Taurino. I will have to try it one day. . . I will look it up.


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