DOZO Izakaya ‧ Dining Bar

DOZO is not an ordinary Japanese restaurant - mixed of izakaya (dining bar), lounge bar with very creative Japanese cuisine. The price is not ordinarily cheap either.......that was why every time I came here only for company events.

I love nearly every dish we ordered - really enjoy the food, atmosphere and bear/cocktails! oh, of course, also enjoyed the time with friends/colleagues.

Address: 台北市光復南路102號1樓
Phone: 02-27781135

↓ taken from the room on the 2nd floor

↓ raw beef with mayonnaise on top

↓ crispy lappa (牛蒡) (yum~ so much better than any kinds of chips)

↓ beef roll BBQ

↓ Caesar salad

↓ large portion of mixed sashimi

↓ with caviar on top!

↓ roast cod fish

↓ yakitori (chicken)

↓ fried spray

↓ giant onigiri!

↓ fried chicken cartilage (soft bone)

↓ mushroom with cheese

↓ beef with yuzu sauce

↓ salad with fried chicken

↓ omlet with soba

↓ potatoes with mayonnaise (yum~)

↓ okonomiyaki with huge kezuribushi (Japanese dry fish flakes)

↓ soup with huge clams!


  1. Great Post! Yifan, what kinda of camera do you use to take pictures of food? Your pictures are amazing. I know it is tough to get close up pictures in low light settings.

  2. I am using Canon G9, which the PowerShot GX series is considered the DC most closest to DSLR camera. in low light settings, I set the camera to "light bulb" white balance function to filter yellow light and brighten up the picture. High ISO helps too

  3. Jesus, did someone actually eat all this ? The food is delicious but it must have cost a fortune at today's exchange rates.


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