Macaroni and Cheese! - S'Mac

One of my favorite American fares is Mac and Cheese. This toxic mix of processed cheese with mini machine cut pasta is wholesome goodness! The gooeyness brings us back to our childhood. For me. . . my college days are reminded of this hearty dish. I roommate used to add additional cheese to the prepackaged version - almost creating a thick stew of cheese. This comfort food will just make everyone smile.

But anyways, S'Mac helps bring back those familiar tastes. They serve and only serve mac and cheese and variations of. The menu is diverse with different cheeses, meats, other toppings. I remember sharing the Cheeseburger, the La Mancha, and Cajun. The cheeseburger tasted just like a Cheeseburger. . .it was amazing. Each order starts at less that 8 bucks each for a small. They also have large orders and take out. You can even order online for expressed delivery.

This is not one of the places that New York is known for. But this is one of places that I would come back again. I only wish Los Angeles had a Mac'N Cheese place.

East Village
345 E 12th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 358-7912

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