Ass Kicking Ramen! - Orochon

On the subject of Ramen . . . I thought I'd talk about a Orochon!

Special 2 ramen = Pain (Period)

I have never tried the Special 2. The special features Jalapeno peppers, a spicy soup base, and other hot ingredients. I know personally, that my lips would be burning all night if I just try one bite. I know I would have BTS if I had more.

This super hot ramen - Special 2, has been featured on Man Vs Food. The super spicy ramen, if you can, finish with soup, in less than 1/2 hour, you can have you picture taken and post on their wall of fame. Thousands have attempted.. . and only a few have survived. I saw pictures with people with their finished bowls in less than 12 minutes. . ..Amazing

Orochon has different levels spiciness for their ramen. I can only try the 2nd lowest spicy ramen without too much pain. If you click on the link, you can see the different levels of spiciness and other items on the menu.

This place is not the best ramen house here in Downtown little Tokyo. Daikokuya is probably the best ramen house in the area . . . and that's for another review at another time.

Orochon Ramen
123 Astronaut E/S Onizuka St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Little Tokyo
(213) 617-1766

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  1. but Daiku doesn't really do the "spicy" ramen thing. I think a fairer comparison would be vs. Chin Ma Ya? Which is, of course, in of itself, ALL kinds of wrong:


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