Boiling Crab

After hearing so many positive things about this place. . . I had to try it. My friends all rave about this place with its great Crustacean fare.

After a short wait, which I've been told is typical, we were quickly seated at table with a roll of paper towels and no silverware. Inside, the Boiling Crab looks like a sports bar - with college basketball games. The raucous crowd seemed to be enjoying their time with shellfish.

At the Boiling Crab, they substitute plates and silver with bags of shrimp & crawfish. They don't use fine linens, whereas rolls of paper towels are available. But it sure is tasty. You can have the seafood with different levels of spiciness. in addition, they are available with a cajun spicy, lemon pepper, garlic butter, or all of them together. We had the dungeoness crab, the fried catfish, and a slew of shrimp and crawfish. As you pulled out the meat from the shell of the shrimp or crab . . . you need to they slosh it around in the juices of the bag for extra flavor. I enjoyed the fried catfish, which is the typical Louisiana fare. In addition the sweet potato fries and corn help round out our meal. Boiling Crab also provides a crab smasher hammer with bibs for everyone. I preferred not to use the hammer but my hands and teeth.

This type of dining, where you use you hands and must get a little intimate with the food - is in my opinion a great place for a 1st date. Some people disagree with the fact "getting down'n'dirty" with your food means great a date experience. But the idea of using your hands bringing out your animalistic instincts with food heightens the moment.

Expect the bill to be about 25-35 dollars a person including alcohol. With a small parking lot, expect to park on the street.

Boiling Crab
742 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91803
(626) 576-9368

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