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One night, I went with my friend to Ramenya. Ramenya is a Japanese Ramen house. It is a small dinky restaurant with great food. My type of place! I haven't been here in a couple of years, but I will always remember this place to have good Ramen.

Anyways. . .back to Ramenya. I was at my friend place just hanging out before a mixer that I was to attend to (in which I actually could go - cause I was late and lack of parking) and we were discussing where to go for dinner. The idea of ramen came up and I said yeah, lets go! There are actually a couple of good ramen houses on Sawtelle worth going to. I had already knew which ramen house to go to and what I was going to order. I ordered the Aho Ramen (garlic) and my friend under-my-positive-influence also ordered the same. We got the noodles soon after our order - which was a pleasant surprise.

The ramen was steaming hot - which it has to be. You could see the flakes of dried garlic floating with the chives. And inside the clear broth you could see the cloves of garlic. My friend, after a couple of bites, asked if we could eat the cloves. I told her thatthe cloves are like the ones from the Stinking Rose - they are cooked(boiled) so they are soft and tasty. I knew the consequences - my breath would stink and would last all night. . . but I didn't care. This was well worth it. Those in contact me would have been envious of my Aho Ramen! The ramen itself was the right softness - not too hard(undercooked) nor not too soft (overcooked). I did think they over did it with the chives or green onions. Other than that, with the complementary Buckwheat tea, it was a great meal. I only wish they were open late and had another site on the eastside or in downtown.

Aho Ramen(garlic)- well recommended

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11555 W. Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
310 575 9337
11:30am - 9:30pm daily

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