Abalone Congee - Mountain Cafe

Porridge or congee is one of the best things to have when you are drunk, hung over, or sick. This bland, stomach filling meal is perfect to sooth that the body that you put it through.

Mountain Cafe, in Koreatown, serves some of the best congee, abalone chawder, around. Make sure you get a spoonful of the meat juices from the sides dishes for flavor. This soupy goodness helps fill that drunk body. And when you are drunk - it tastes so good. But when you are sober, for whatever reason, it is just a bit north of ordinary. You don't see much abalone, only little bits and pieces.

The chicken soup is good, too, from what I hear. But I go to Mountain for the abalone congee - which is about 9 bucks. Since Mountain Cafe is open 24 hours - you can get it anytime you want. But late night is when it get crowded. Its a small place, so be prepared to wait. If you plan to go after a night of clubbing/drinking, try to get there before 2am or after 3am. . .

Mountain Cafe
in Korea Town
3064 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 487-7615
Open 24 hours

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  1. o man.. $9 for a bowl of rice porridge.. I can't do it.. no matter how hung over...

  2. Oh, I would spend $9 to try some good abalone chowder! Sounds like a good restaurant. I really like the face of it in the pic above. Looks pretty slick.


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