Afternoon Delight at the Dodger Game

I was fortunate enough to get to go to a Dodger game and experience a Dodger win. Amidst the game, there was some great fare. We had a regular dodger dog, a super dodger dog, bratwurst, chili cheese fries, and garlic fries. I tried a taste of each. Each were different and was a change from the traditional American foods you would find at the ball park.

The regular dodger dog and the super dodger dog were different only in girth. They were the typical Farmer John dodger dogs that have been around for years. Dodger dogs are longer than the average super market hot dogs. These beef dogs, $3.75 for the dodger dog and $5 for the super dog, are consumed by the thousands at a typical game. I would know. . . I had 2! With self serve helpings of mustard(yuck), ketchup, onions and relish, these dogs are the best deal at the stadium.

The bratwurst, another new feature for the last few years, is catered to those with finer hot dog taste. . . For about $6 you can get the bratwurst or the Louisiana Hot Link. Also at the condiment stand, you'll find top shelf mustard - which I found to be pretty good. Though the brat. . .I only wish I had ordered the Hot Link, for more flavor.

The garlic fries and the chili cheese fries were probably the best thing, after the dogs. The chili, with bean and all, was quite good. One of the best chili cheese fries I had had. If I remember correctly, the chili cheese fries were about $5 and the garlic ones about $5 as well. I know my friends enjoyed the fries.

All and all, the food at Dodger Stadium is pretty good. In fact, most people in LA go to the game for the dogs. . . and hope for a win at the game. Personally, I like both equally.