Chinese Tamale - (Bah Zhang or Zhong Zi糭子) - 王記府城肉粽

This place in Taipei is known for their Chinese Tamale. A Taipei institution - this place is open late and seems to always have a diverse young and old crowd. Their limited menu featuring the Bah Zhang and some side dishes and soups - keeps everyone happy with consistency.

The Chinese Tamale is made with a bamboo or lotus leaves. The leaves give them a distinct flavor. Wrapped inside and steamed together is cooked rice and pork. You can add other things as well.

You can find out more about Bah Zhang's here on Wikipedia -

Once my two aunts from Taiwan visited and we all helped make a large batch of them. They are yummy. Often you'll find homemade ones outside of temples and at different festivals.

2731-6647 営業時間 10:00-03:00