Seoul Food in San Gabriel Valley - Young Dong Tofu

There aren't many good Korean restaurants in the San Gabriel valley. . . So when there is a decent one, they seem to do a combination of things well.

Young Dong Tofu, specializes in tofu, but also has grilled meats and a decent kimchi pancake. Their tofu ranges from seafood, kimchi, pork, and beef and others with varying levels of spiciness. In addition, they have sizzling iron plate with short ribs, beef, chicken, and pork - which I like. And they have my favorite korean dish of all - kimchi pancake - or some sort of pancake. The soup or porridge they make with the rice - from the hot stone bowl - is also a nice treat at the end. And they also have dolsot bibim bap (a mixed rice dish in a hot stone bowl) - a meal in itself.

Overall, I like Young Dong. There seems to always be a lot of Chinese customers, both in San Gabriel and Arcadia. I guess you could say that Young Dong caters toward this palate. I know some Korean friends wouldn't say that Young Dong is good compared to the restaurants in K-Town. Expect to pay about 15 buck/person. And there seems to always be a wait, so get there early.

Young Dong Tofu
927 E Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 286-6031

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