Nathan's Famous

When you go to New York, there are a couple of street foods that always come to mind. The first one is the New York style pizza, which you can find almost on any street corner. And the 2nd one is a hot dog.

The most famous hot dog in the world is Nathan's. The popularity of Nathan's has grown since the July 4th eating contests at Coney Island. So, when I was in New York last August, I made the pilgrimage to Coney Island. I had to see the old style broadwalk and amusement park. I also had to see the famous Nathan's hot dog stands. There's a lot of history on these broadwalks.

When you bite into a Nathan's you want to have the "snap" when the juices flow from the hot dog. You don't need chili - like the LA dogs. You don't need tomatoes - like the Chicago style dogs. You just need a little mustard and maybe some kraut and you are good to go. Personally, I like a plain dog with some ketchup.

Nathan's Famous
Coney Island
1310 Surf Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11224

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