Sushi Gen

Sushi Gen is my favorite Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Los Angeles and perhaps the world!!! I've been going to Sushi Gen for over 15 years. My favorite Sushi Chef - Kaz is still there and going strong! Nowadays . . .I haven't been going as much, but Kaz still remembers me.

What I always start with, at any sushi restaurant, is Uni - Sea Urchin. Sometimes, I get it with a raw quail egg yolk on top, to make it extra creamy. Sushi Gen's uni seems to always be consistently excellent. Another favorite - the halibut with the ponzo sauce is good as well. I also like the cheesy simple ones like Tamago and Inari. I know most people will get the giant clam, the salmon, the tuna, & fatty tuna. I like the ones where you don't use soy sauce or wasabi.

Make sure when you go to a sushi restaurant, that you sit at the bar. I don't necessarily like going with a large group, but with a larger group, a table might be better. The sushi bar provides the interaction between you, your friend, and the chef.

I'm sure people will tell me that they like others - such as Matushia, Sasebune, etc. .. but for me. . .Sushi Gen will be my personal favorite.

Anyways. . . My suggestion is, if you are to go to any sushi - get to know your Sushi Chef. And let him get to know you. With some friendly banter, he will let you know what's good. . . and more importantly what's not. I used to pour my beer for them to drink and vice versa. . . but sometimes, they are not allowed to drink. But what I do now is, I would buy a couple bottles of the large beers and offer it to them - so that they can drink after work.

When you go to Sushi Gen, expect to wait at least 1/2 hour for a table or seats at the Sushi Bar. Get there early. One of the reasons why I like Sushi Gen is that one time, I saw the Japanese College Sumo team having dinner there. If the Japanese College Sumo team picks Sushi Gen to eat in Los Angeles, then you know it has to be good.

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Sushi Gen
422 E 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-0552