Taiwanese Breakfast Burrito - Yung Ho

Yung Ho is your typical Taiwan breakfast joint. There are two locations on Valley Blvd, that are not related. Each have similar items.

The thing I love is the Taiwanese Breakfast Burrito - translated in Chinese - Salted Rice Roll with Egg. When I use to live in Taipei, I use to have one of these things about twice a week. These savory handheld meals were Taiwanese comfort foods. They made them first with a nice hefty scoop of rice, then with some dried shredded pork, with some pickled vegetable slices. Then they added a fried egg with oiled roll (hard to describe what this is). Then they rolled it all together - viola!

Unfortunately, there's only a handful of places in Southern California that can make this. Make sure when you get it, you ask for it salted and with an egg.

Yung Ho (永和豆漿)
533 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 570-0860

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