Marked 5 and their Rice Burgers!

The latest craze in Los Angeles are the "taco trucks" that roam around serving delicious food. One such truck is called Marked5.

Marked5 serves a simple menu consisting of a Torakku Beef burger, Katsu Pork burger, Torakku 5 Tofu Burger and a Curried Chicken burger. In addition, they have shrimp chips that go along with each of the "burgers". Their Torakku Beef burger is their best selling burger made from Angus beef. As some of you know, I am not a big fan of beef - therefore this one didn't exactly woo me. But then I tried the Katsu Pork burger. This one, with the suggested Sriracha hot sauce, was great! This one was clearly one of my most memorable "burgers". I don't usually like hot sauce on anything - since I can't take it. . .but I must admit the spiciness and the sweetness with the tonkatsu sauce was perfect. Yet, I did feel, that this particular burger was a bit "wet" - though I didn't mind the messiness. The curry chicken one was nice, nothing special . . .could have been a bit more spicy. It lacked some flavor. . . I guess people walking around don't necessarily want that heavy curry mouth breath. The shrimp chips are quite nice. I liked them a lot. I remember having them as a kid. If you are asian, you ought to know about fried shrimp chips. Most Caucasians don't know about shrimp chips. These are light and fun to eat.

The reason why I kept use " for burgers . . .is that the "buns" they use are made from packed rice that's fried. This concept is not new. I first saw this used for buns, when I was in Taiwan. There's a Japanese fast food restaurant called Mos Burger. And they use rice buns. The rice buns are great. They are warm to the touch and hold the food together quite well.
You can find more information about a similar Mos Burger here -

Marked5 was recently featured on the Video Podcast - you can check them out here You can see Dan Delaney and David Ly on this episode.

You might ask, what is the meaning behind Marked5. I asked David Ly, of Marked5, and he told me that they want people to "mark" their food with "5" points - their fingers. This is to indicate hand held food. Marked(by)5 is the hand held mantra for future roll outs of different cuisines and offerings.

Follow them on Twitter to find out where they will be. I know I do . . .