Violet's Cakes, Pasadena

Everyone knows about DOT's in Pasadena. . . . but not everyone knows about Violet's. Violet's is hidden behind the hustle and bustle of Old Town Pasadena. I recently went there after lunch to try some cupcakes.

Personally, I am not a big fan of sweets and cupcakes. But I must say, Violet's is quite a find. Not a lot of seating in their space. You'll see a couple of girls working in the back on cakes and cupcakes. Then you will see a small glass display refrigerator with three or four rows of their daily selections. I saw these little treasures of cupcakes with massive amounts of frosting in different colors and flavors. Not your typical looking cupcakes. I saw a chocolate looking pointed one with hard shell top - which I picked out myself to go.

Then my friend and I tried a couple of cupcakes right then and there. I choose the PB & J and my friend got the blackberry/vanilla. As a big fan of peanut butter, I knew I had to pick the PB & J. The peanut butter frosting was not too sweet with my first bite. Later, i was surprised with the Jelly filling inside the cupcake. It was a great cupcake that I would pick again. The blackberry vanilla was also a good choice. Since I am not a big sweet-tooth, desserts that aren't that sweet are to my liking. Both the blackberry and PB & J are both not too sweet and could cater toward mainstream tastes.

Each cupcake is about about $2.50 and some go for higher. I have heard many things about DOT's, but Violet's currently has my heart with their cupcakes. Though I will have to try DOTs very soon.

Violet's Cakes
21 East Holly Street

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