Secret Lunch Find in Pasadena - Rotisserie Chicken of California

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Almost forced to try yet-another chicken place. . . my friend took me to Rotisserie Chicken of California in Pasadena. I don't know why . . . but there's a smattering list of Chicken and Rotisserie and California restaurants all over the place. So, to me. . . coming here was almost moot. But my friend insisted we go. INSISTED!!

Anyways. . . it didn't start out well, since there is no parking in the area - only a couple of meters right outside. I assume that this place does a lot of walking traffic customers from the business lunch crowd in the area. The signage with the yellow chicken on a round blue background seem creative - but very "california and LA" healthy style.

But everything changed once I walked in. . . WOW. . .there's a lot of people in here. The small crowded tables, lined up on either side indicated the local popularity. I saw people with salads, enchiladas, rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, etc.

After browsing the menu . . . I decided on their popular Pasadena Chicken Sandwich. My friend, who hates sandwiches, got the curry chicken. The sandwich was huge, with a large amount of avocados on one side with the chicken breast on the other. I expected a large chicken breast - that might be dry. But this one was different - it was sort of shredded. Perhaps a good idea to save costs on whole chicken breast - but creatively and tastefully better. When chicken is pulled apart - you can marinated it a bit better - won't be dry. Not a big fan of avocado - they put on a lot of them. I also slathered their homemade hot sauce - which was tangy and not to spicy. I liked it. I would order it again - but without avocados. My friend's curry chicken was good, too. I was impressed with the restaurant's chicken skill. The chicken cutlet wasn't dry at all - in fact quite moist. I would venture to try that in the future.

Anyways. . . A lot of the other customers - knew the owners, who were going around taking orders and serving everyone - almost by name. Nice neighborhood chicken joint.

Rotisserie Chicken of California
26 Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 405-0365

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