New Thirsty Pig Rating System

I have decided to come up with a new rating system. An objective rating system has its faults and traits - but I think overall it can help the reader's experience on the site. I have a pretty agreeable palate. Its really hard for me to not like something that I put in my mouth. But I know I have to learn to be able to appreciate and distinguish subtle flavors. Please keep in mind, that some places that I write about may not get ratings at all.

0 pig - Don't believe the Hype
1 pig - Nothing special that gets my mouth watering.
2 pigs - I could/do eat this every day
3 pigs - National Gastronomic Treasure

$ - Hole in the wall, not a first date place, and about $10
$$ - Typical casual dining and around $20 or so
$$$ - Expected exceptional dining with pricing $25+

I am going to try to go back and put ratings on my past posts. In addition, you will be able to sort through the rating system on the cloud of categories.