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On the suggestion of an Elite Yelper, we decided to make the trek to West Los Angeles to try Bar Food. I know nowadays, that I am a little more pickier from this blog and with the expectations of my friends. I know I have to take into account distance & traffic, price & value, and palate & taste. Lately, I think I have a better understanding of what I like and what I don't like.

Unfortunately, the friend who suggested this place wasn't there. But our friend who recently got engaged was fortunately here and we were all able to celebrate! I'm glad we choose Bar Food - since the venue is great for groups.

The Thirsty Pig Choice of the Month - Bar Food

After the hugs & congrats, we were able to order. The sparse menu showed few food items but included Guinness beer! The menu primarily looked like food you'd find at a bar, hence the name - Bar Food. This pub, or gastropub - the new moniker and also in the spirit of Father's Office, offers a large selection of beers and wines with comfort food items. I was happy to find mac'n cheese, burgers, and anything with the word potato. We also ordered spicy tuna, bangers, shepherd's pie, and fish & chips.

I was really looking forward to the Mac'N Cheese, since I saw it on their menu - the week before in researching the place. But unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. Though there was bacon, it lacked a necessary savoriness that you'll find almost at any other restaurant. Most places that have Mac'N Cheese will have a cool twist, either with bacon, broccoli, ham, truffle, or something different. It was baked, so the cheesy was crusty - that's a good thing. But again, lack of saltiness hurt its chances. . .

The burger and bangers were ok. The spicy tuna and shepherd's pie did stand out. I think everyone liked the spicy tuna. The rice was a little harder than I would have liked. I know I liked the shepherd's pie with lamb, though I think others didn't like it. We had two different types of bangers - thai style and regular. I personally like sausage . . . almost any type of sausage. I like the green mashed potatoes - I think they were mashed with basil or something. Jason, the owner/manager, came by and told us that that was his creation.

The two things that everyone agreed was great was the potato puffs and the sweet frites. I asked our server what her favorites were, and she strongly suggested potato puffs, which were also the most ordered item as well. I think we went through two orders of each.

Personally, I liked the venue and most of the food items. I think the uncomplicated menu with comfort foods with beer & wine is a great combination. But unfortunately, the location, with my personal bias, doesn't help. Prices are reasonable - with our group of 10 or so, we each paid about 26 with tax and tip.

Nice selection of beers & wines to go along with their comfort food items.

Their food items were mixed with Olde English favorite with California cuisine - like spicy tuna sushi.

Good times with Good people at Bar Food.

Airy dining area is great for groups.
Traditional Bangers - sausage. Everyone like the onions.

This is the Thai style bangers. I think I liked this one more.

My disappointing Mac'N Cheese. I expected way too much from it. I bet this is also a popular item.

Their take on Shepard's Pie with lamb. I thought this was a great presentation. I thought this was one of the better dishes, though my friends didn't think so.

Everyone's favorite sweet frites. Personally, I like my frites or fries to be savory, not sweet. But I know sweet potato fries are the rage now.

The fish & chips. The chips were potatoes slices. Nice take on this English comfort food item.

2 pigs, $$

Bar Food
12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820-3274

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