Eggs should be a Food Group . . .Omelette House

This past week, I had to be in Garden Grove for a short meeting, and needed a pre-meeting place to meet & eat. After scouring yelp for breakfast places, I found the Omelette House.

This place would do well in any neighborhood.

The menu has a nice selection of different types of omelets, including an Indian one with cumin. I was considering it before I asked what the popular choice was. The Hobo Omelet it is, with ham, sausage, and bacon. Often times with this many meats, it can overpower the eggs, which is my favorite food group, but not in this case. I thought the meats with the eggs were balanced quite well. I also like the homestyle potatoes. I should have asked them to have the potatoes well done, which means a little more crispier.

My friend had the vegetarian omelet. I do feel sorry for him at times, when he can't eat meat. His breakfast included standard hashbrowns and Pumpernickel toast. The breakfast at the Omelette House are large and mostly like will fill you up most of the day.

I think Garden Grove has a nice little gem of a breakfast place.

Their menu is just breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

The Hobo Omelet.

Homestyle potatoes are the best type of potatoes for breakfast.

The vegetarian omelet.

2 pigs, $

Omelette House
12444 Brookhurst St
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 537-5336

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