Holder's Country Inn, Cupertino

Originally, I wanted to focus on hole-in-the-walls and breakfast joints, but I got a bit sidetracked. Holder's Country Inn is a place I would have posted about either way.

Holder's features an omelet that somehow more fluffy than your regular omelet. They beat and whip their eggs, to a frenzy, so much that this omelet is served like its twice the size as it should be. When I saw it, I was almost scared but happy to see the eggs in all its glory. LOL. But I didn't order it. My friend did.

When I was generously able to steal a bite or two, I was able to taste this scrumptious egg dish. (I have to figure out the different ways of saying great tasting, savory, sweet, and delicious - and scrumptious is one of them.) It is fluffy, though flavorful. You'd expect something fluffy to lack some taste to compensate for the girth. But it maintained.

I ordered the corned beef hash and eggs. It was your run of the mill breakfast staple. Nothing fancy. These eggs look sad compared to the big omelet, that I regrettably didn't order.

On this day, I was also talking my friend into creating her own food/travel blog with her sister. Talking about great places and feasting on adventures with photography interested her. Anyways, if you guys have questions about blogging, I could offer my 2 cents.

The typical All-American diner menu featuring great American breakfasts.

A bay area breakfast favorite.

The fluffy omelet.

Corned beef hash and eggs.

1 pigs, $

Holder's Country Inn
998 S De Anza Boulevard
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 244-2798

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