Pho Kim Long, San Jose

In my recent trip to the Bay area, to attend the Foodbuzz festival, I also tried a few other places. Pho Kim Long in San Jose was chosen on this chilly night. Anytime when it is a bit nippy, I like to have hot soups - and Vietnamese noodle soups, also known as Phở, is at the top of the list.

The number 1. The popular Phở - to xe lua (tai chinh nam, gan sach) (to lon).

Who doesn't like hot soups on a cold night. I have to be honest, as I told my friend, that Phở is not at the top of my list of things to eat noodles and soups. I prefer Chinese noodles or Japanese Ramen. But Pho Kim Long was pretty good.

*DISCLAIMER - I am not an expert at Phở, nor do I claim to be one.

The clear broth which has the distinct beef flavor with ginger, cloves, onions, and other spices is the main reason why I would order Pho. I am a big fan of soups, mainly clear broths, which you might think is a consommé. I don't necessarily like Western style soups that are thick with cream, so think you can almost stand a soup up. With our Pho - To Xe Lua (Tai Chinh Nam, Gan Sach)(To Lon), the soup arrives with the beef noticeably pink. The hot broth will finish cooking the beef. Most people will add the mint or basil leaves, add Sriracha hot sauce, lime juice, to fit their palate. I just added some basil and some lime juice. I thought the broth didn't need any spicy heat.

Nothing against white people, but when you are in an Asian restaurant and you don't see many white people, you know that it is authentic and it is good. And in Pho Kim Long, I think I counted about 2 people that were not of Asian descent. In fact, if you are Caucasian, I would encourage you to look for restaurants that don't have many white customers to get the honest and authentic experience.

Anyways . . . if you are up in the south bay area. . . I encourage you to check out Pho Kim Long.

Good crowd on a Sunday night.

With the Chinese characters, you can tell that they have a lot of Chinese customers.

I ordered the chicken soup with noodles. I have never had vietnamese chicken soup with noodles. It was very good. I really like chicken soups.

Coconut juice with coconut shavings. This is pure coconut juice. Slightly sweetened. The sweetness helps cut through the savory broth of the Pho. Gives it a nice contrast.

2 pigs, $

Phở Kim Long
2082 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95132
(408) 946-2181

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