Liang's Kitchen 梁媽媽家, Arcadia

I know I have been a bit lazy about posting this month. Anyways. . . I wanted to get this in before the end of the year. Liang's Kitchen is my new favorite local Taiwanese restaurant. I would almost say hole-in-the-wall. But they have 3 San Gabriel Valley locations.

The No. 43 Stuffed Pork Chili. Spicy but so good. This is something you eat with rice. I think I have to order it every time I go. It is served cold.

In the 1st half of the last century, there was a large migration of Chinese to the small island country of Taiwan. Most were in the military following Chiang Kai Shek. They settled in little pockets in and around the large cities. They came together, in these communities, with their favorite home-style cuisines, from China. Their tastes were often simple, mostly noodle(from Northern China), and spicy. Liang's Kitchen celebrates this unique culture, different from familiar Taiwanese cuisine.

You'll find on their colorful menu rice and noodle items. Noodles are the preferred staple if you are from the northern part of China. Southerners prefer rice. Anyways . . .If its your first time, I strongly suggest that you get the Special Onion Dry Noodle. This simple noodle dish doesn't feature a meat nor is soup based. With a over easy egg, you mix the noodle with the egg yolk with its onion and Pork Lard sauce, which produces a tasty creamy consistency. Not too salty, with a little sweetness coming through. I have to be honest, I've order this twice already. So yummy. People would order the main Beef Noodle soup and say that Special Onion Dry Noodle is better. It's just a simple noodle dish, done well.

The other dish I wanted to talk about is the Stuffed Pork Chili. I like spicy foods, but I can't really take the spiciness. Served cold, these suckers are spicy, but not crazy spicy. It kinda creeps up on you. As I said before, this goes well with rice. This and the Special Onion Dry Noodles, are the two things I will order, when I come. I will almost insist my friends to try it when they come.

Anyways. . . I just wanted to share a couple of dish from Liang's Kitchen.

The standard traditional Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. Not bad, but there a better noodle dishes.

A Northern Chinese favorite - No. 90 Sliced Beef Wrap w/Green Onion Pancake. With the pickled vegetables rolled in a onion pancake.

The Special Onion Dry Noodles. You can see the carmelized onions with the egg. Make sure you break the egg yolk and mix it up with the noodles in the pork lard. So Damn Good!

The Seaweed Egg Drop Soup. This was a bit too salty today.

Unfortunately parking is an issue.

Their colorful menu.

The onion pancake. I think they use the same batter for the beef onion rolls pancake.

Pork Chop Rice. This is a well known Taiwan dish.

3 pigs, $

Liang's Kitchen 梁媽媽家
1027 S. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 462-0815

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  1. The best IMO. completely balanced menu, serves booze, clean, not very dingy, nor "holey" IMO. Better decorated than papa-walk. I love this place. If it wasn't a BIT pricey for the neighborhood, I'd eat here weekly. Love it.

  2. I've already been there 4 times in the last month.

  3. IN the San Gabriel branch, is the Worst customer service ever! We ask a simple question asking the waitress where the beef stew is listed on the order sheet and she ignore us the first time asking us a different question and never answer our question. We had to ask her twice and she yank the order sheet out of our hands and gave us a funny look like we are illiterate. Second, we decided to ask the waitress for our drinks after 15mins of waiting and the same waitress ask us if we order the drinks yet??!! At that point we say is okay just cancel the two drinks since we are half way done with our food already and the waitress yell out to her crew “THEY WANT TO CANCEL THE DRINKS with attitude. Worst food and customer service ever and will not recommend this restaurant to anyone. By the way the waitress’s name is HELEN.

  4. The location in Irvine is just as good! We went for lunch today although we've lived within a few miles of the restaurant for 6 months now. We heard about it from a number of friends, and it finally clicked that we should go. We tried both dishes that you blogged about, and they were as good as advertised. The noodles took a couple of bites before I could really appreciate them and now I'm craving them big time. We also got the pancakes stuffer with beef, which I believe you have a picture of, and the shanghai mini dumplings, which were just ok. We look forward to trying the other menu selections in the near future.


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