LA Weekly 2nd Annual Gold Standard Food & Wine Event

I attended the LA Weekly 2nd Annual Gold Standard Food & Wine Event at the Petersen Automotive Museum with my friend Miss J. I just wanted to show this car, since it is my favorite car of all time.

There were a few things I didn't include, because my pictures were bad or I forgot to take. Like seeing Evan Kleinman from Good Food and Angeli Cafe with her vegan lasagna - which was really good. Or seeing J. Gold and his son enjoying the museum. And having bourbon whiskey from Bulleit Bourbon. It was a good time since the lines weren't long.

Lynda Kay was performing with her Guitar sponsors - Gretsch. She was pretty entertaining with her great golden outfit and her big hair. She sung some country songs, that kept me and the crowds mesmerized.

Bulgarini Gelato from Altadena. For whatever reason, this line was the longest one that we stood in. The line spaned across two other tables. The gelato was really good. This one was a combination of raspberry and pistachio. The raspberry was quite creamy and the pistachio had a savory component that was surprisingly good.

Rabbit slider from Bistro LQ. Tasted a bit gamey . . . more than I would have liked. But I commend them on serving such a daring meat. Mr. J Gold considers this place to be the center of odd French foods in LA. I might try this place.

Dainty chocolate cupcakes from Tiara Cafe 123 East 9th Street Los Angeles, CA 90015. Bite sized goodness. Not much more say.

Mo-Chica's Albacore Ceviche. Nothing special . . . but not intended to be. It had good mouth feel, with no overpowering citric acid. I like albacore, so I thought it was pretty good. Notice the large Peruvian Roasted Corn Nuts. 3655 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90007

Hungry Cat's smoked salmon. I could be wrong. Thank goodness the bread was tender. If you go to Hungry Cat. 1535 North Vine, Hollywood, CA, make sure you try the Pug Burger.

Border Grill's vegan taco. The avocado's are drenched with the black peppers. It was an expected favorite of mine. I liked it more than I thought I would. Look for their Border Grill food truck roaming around.

Wurstkuche's sausages. I had the Mango & Jalapeno chicken and turkey sausage. Not all that spicy. Jalapenos aren't all that spicy to begin with. The Rattlesnake & Rabbit sausage wasn't all that popular. They are located near little Tokyo

Jar's sliced roast beef. Nice hefty helping. But I had to consume it with a spoon. That's one thing I must say - utensils are a big pain at these events. Finger Foods are the best. Jar's known for their steaks, which I have had before - quite good.

Glendale's Palate offered a Pig Ears sandwich. Not usually my first choice in a pig, but this was the exception. It was juicy and tasty. Miss J liked it a lot. Palate is on my short list of places to visit.

More from Palate.

Jitlada, offering southern Thai cuisine was there. They seem to know how to utilize the new online marketing tools well - like twitter.

Jitlada's beef dry curry. It had a lot of HEAT. . . err I mean spiciness. It was really good. I would have gotten seconds if I wasn't so full. 5233 1/2 W. Sunset Blvd. Hollywood 323 633 3104

Moles La Tia was my favorite table. This was a lighter chicken taco. They had two taco's that were flavorful and amazing. I thought I had tried Mole before, but after today - I realized I haven't. 4619 East Cesar Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90022 323 264 7842

This was a beef mole taco from Moles La Tia. I will visit here again. Thank goodness for their East Los Angeles location.

Lou on Vine's offering. This was a pork belly wrapped around a shrimp roasted slightly with a tangy orange sauce with a kumquat. Then they had a roasted duck on french bread. Hands down the most complicated dish. Check out the bamboo plate. Lou's often featured on the Market Report with Laura Avery on KCRW's Good Food. Great place, I've been there before and do plan to return.

Mozza's popular table had a risotto cheese on bread then with a tomato sauce. I probably butchered the exact detailed description. I think they ran out of food quite early. 6610 Melrose Ave.

Beacon's offering - sopes. I've been meaning to visit Beacon in Culver City. 3280 Helms Ave. Los Angeles 310 838 7500

Babita's pork taco. Hmm. . .another find in the San Gabriel Valley. 1823 S. San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel 626 288 7265.

Nickel Diner's donut holes. They brought their strawberry shortcake and their famous maple bacon donut - which we had. Nickel Diner 524 S. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012 213 623 8301

La Casita Mexicana's tacos. Good Flavor but location is a bit far - in the city of Bell. 4030 East Gage Ave, Bell, CA 90201 323 733 1898

One last shot of Speed Racer's car. Such a cool car when I was kid, and even now.


  1. wow, that was fast! Speed blogging :P
    Seems like you had a good time, glad to hear the lines weren't crazy long like last year!

  2. I'm still editing my pictures and you've already blogged about the event! Speedy! I've finally just digested everything I ate today after a good 6 hours but after reading your post I realized I still missed some tasty plates.

  3. I just put up the pictures. . . I didn't really write much about it.

    I really didn't drink any wine, either.

  4. I had a wonderful experience at the Gold Standard Event! These were some of my favorites

  5. Here's a 7 minute video of the event!

    Feel free to embed!


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