Dino's Chicken and Burgers

Have you guys heard of this place? I sure haven't, till recent.

Holy crap . . . what a find. Did you know that Dino's has the most yelp burger reviews in Los Angeles, except for Tommy's? And Dino's doesn't even specialize in burgers.

Most of the customers order the chicken and only chicken. They prepare and cook chickens by the hen house it seems. As you walk up to order, you see a large stack of the bright red sauced marinaded chicken. You can't help but order anything else. I don't think I even noticed a burger patty on the grill. The on-the-wall menu, featured a faded breakfast selection. I only knew the price of the chicken plate from the enlarged LA Times article in the window.

With all walks of life happily feasting on the chicken, we were able to find a nice indoor window seat. When you first open up you see the 1/2 chicken on a bed of fries with the sauce - a savory, vinegary and not-too-spicy concoction. When you start in the chicken, the juices and goodness will drip - so make sure you have lots of napkins ready. This roasted chicken, with the skin, is full of flavor, that isn't too spicy, yet with the the right combination of unexplained sourness from the vinegar. It is just right. Also, the accompanied cole slaw provides the some flavor relief, if needed, from the boldness.

What to Order: Chicken
What not to Order: uh. . . don't think they offered anything else.

Parking situation: Don't mind the area, which is between Koreatown and the 10 freeway. They have a small lot. But if you can't find parking in the lot, look for street parking. Bring quarters for the meters.

3 pigs, $

Dino's Chicken and Burgers
2575 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 380-3554

Look the stack of chicken ready to be devoured. . . by me! I doubt they can keep up with demand, unless they continuously roast chicken.

Don't underestimate the coleslaw.

Such a pretty bird.

The fries soak up the goodness.

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