Farmlab, an Oasis in downtown LA


I was given the chance to attend a Public Salon speak at Farmlab, near downtown Los Angeles.

Today's topic
Juliano Brotman
"New Perfect Food is Here:
A way to finally do something about
all that green talk."

Brotman, passionate as he was, discussed the positive effects of a lifestyle that was not only green, but took it to the next level. As a raw foods expert and restaurateur, he proclaimed a lifestyle that exuded virtues and made vegans seem like smog producers. I learned that those who have diets of all raw foods never have cavities, longer lifespans, and don't have the lethargic feelings after large meals
It made me rethink my wasteful ways and how I was increasing the rate aging process. I would like to visit his Santa Monica restaurant - Planet Raw -

Farmlab, funded by private institutions, is a think tank, research facility, and a green movement sustainability center is located across an old cornfield between the 110 and 5 freeways. With a great warehouse space with an adjacent outdoor underpass multi-use area. Farmlabs boosts several large tanks of potable water, a vegetable nursery, and performance stages. Check out the farmlab website for more talks and discussion on their Public Salon days -

This unique day, I learned much about my body and how raw foods positively affects my body. Farmlab has this great space and I would encourage anyone to support them and try to attend their public salons. It was a nice experience that differs from my usual big city life.

1745 North Spring Street, Unit 4
Los Angeles, CA 90012
323 226 1158 tel
323 226 9430 fax

This crate this full of corn. The corn is slowly breaking down. The director of farmlab plants to create sculpture with this material.

Juliano Brotman

Our lunch today. I believe most is vegan.

This was actually a really good meal.

Lunch today was basically a potluck.

Farmlab takes advantage of the space beneath the ramp.

Their outdoor vegetable nursery.

The Farmlab seed bank.


  1. This is really cool...and different. Wish we had something like this in Seattle

  2. Yes, it is a very interesting place. I like it.


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