Truck Feasting at its best, The Frysmith Food Truck

This is the last in a series of Truck Feasting Week. Check out my earlier posts of the Flying Pig, Lomo Arigato, World Fare, and Border Grill.

The more and more I try different food trucks, and I have tried a lot, I realize some of the more successful ones keep their menus simple and do what they do really well. And Frysmith is the ideal case. All they do are french fry's with different toppings.

Their menu features fry's with different combinations of meats and flavors. They even have vegan chili fries, as well as Beef/Steak, Chili, and Chicken. They also have weekly specials - this week being the poutine fries. Tonight, I shared a kimchi fries - Kimchi with Kurobuta pork belly, onions and cheddar cheese. My personal theme of pork, hence my name the Thirsty Pig, wasn't a surprise choice. Like the crispiness of the fries, the pork was crisp, yet juicy from the fat and cheese. The kimchi was spicy, but not overpowering. The fries remained crispy, and not soggy from the chili - and that's a great thing.

I admit I was full from dinner, and that this was only a snack. Next time I want to try the Chicken Sweet Potato - Free-range chicken in tomatillo-tamarind sauce over sweet potato fries topped with cashews and the Rajas Fries - Fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese.

What to Order: Kimchi with Kurobuta Pork Belly
What not to Order:

Parking situation: Look for street parking anywhere the truck is parked.

2 pigs, $$


The Simple menu - fries and drinks.

Follow them on twitter to find out where they'll be next. @frysmith

It helps to have pictures of what you'll be eating.

The cheesey goodness poured over the fries.

Unfortunately, I think I gain a few more pounds, clogged a couple arteries, and cost a few minutes of my life after eating this.

This dog really wanted some of my fries.