The Magic Sauce from Lomo Arigato

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On a nice day in Downtown LA, my friends and I found the Lomo Arigato food truck.

The sauce from Lomo Arigato is this yellow-greenish thick sauce. I believe this sauce is called ají amarillo - yellow chilis with milk, bread, cheese, and walnuts. The Aji has a mild kick, but not so bad that almost anyone can take.

Lomo Arigato features three entrees - the Lomo Saltado, Chaufa, and Tallarin Saltado. The lomo saltado is a rice dish with meat, potatoes, and peppers. The chaufa is a fried rice. And the Tallarin Saltado is a fried noodle dish. Unfortunately, the lomo arigato's selection resembles Chinese food - fried rice and noodles. Though the lomo saltado, as the truck's specialty, is their best dish. I know it is tough to serve fast Peruvian cuisine on the road like Ají de Gallina, Arroz con pollo, or a Ceviche. But I commend the truck with their Aji sauce. I used it on all three.

So, if you catch the Lomo Arigato truck, make sure you get the Aji sauce. The Inca Kola is also great, too.

What to Order: Lomo Saltado
What not to Order: fried rice and fried noodles

1 pigs, $

Lomo Arigato

The Lomo Arigato Truck features Peruvian cuisine.

The menu. They specialize in 3 dishes. Following the mantra of keeping it simple and doing it well.

This Peruvian soft drink does better than Coke in Peru.

The Fried Noodles - Tallarin Saltado

The Fried Rice - Chaufa

The Lomo Saltado

The Aji Sauce


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