World Fare

This week, I will trying different Food Trucks. People ask me how do I find these great trucks and how can I track them? Here are a couple of places I look - the Find LA Food Truck twitter feeds, TruxMap, and Roaming Hunger.
A bite into a Bunny Chow. See the hollowed out hand held bread bowl.

The World Fare, one of the newer Food Trucks (or buses) to hit the streets of LA, features bunny chows. Originally a South African street worker food, the hollowed out loaf of bread with filled with different types of savory meats.

Miss J and I tried the Short Rib Bunny with Worcestershire braised short rib, Horseradish Crème Friache, “The Original” Bunny with Chicken Curry, Coconut Milk, Chick Peas, Cashews and Cilantro, and the BBQ Bunny with Barbeque Braised Pork Butt, Sweet Corn Jalapeno Relish. We also ordered a side of the Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls. I have to admit that I dove into the bunny chow without any expectations. The pictures showed a small, almost bite size piece of bread, with some meat on top. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised. The bread was larger than expected and it was hollowed out, so the meat could be stuffed all the way to the bottom - as if it was in a bread bowl. The Short Rib Bunny was quite good, as was the Chicken Curry, but the BBQ Braised Pork Butt was probably the best. We thoroughly enjoyed the bunnies, but we weren't quite sure why they are called bunnies. The side of Truffle Mac and Cheese balls were also a nice addition. I think World Fare's top side standing dining area is also a nice feature. But I think their prep and cooking area seems a bit small for them. From the looks of things, it looks like their team of 2 or 3 seems a bit squished, while the other food trucks have much more room.

Anyways. . .I hope World Fare does well. I think their concept, like Marked5, is unique.

What to Order: BBQ Pork Butt Bunny Chow, Braised Beef Bunny Chow
What not to Order:

2 pigs, $

World Fare

The World Fare Menu.

The World Fare Bus

See the stairs leading up to the top of the bus.

The three bunny chow's - chicken, pork, and beef. All quite good.

The Braised Beef Bunny Chow.

The original curry chicken bunny chow.

The pork butt bunny chow.

Mac and Cheese Balls!

Look at the mac and cheese inside. It was yummy. I wish I knew how to make these.


  1. definitely an interesting concept and name. though hopefully the food tastes better than it looks. man, i guess LA chowing down on the food trucks there is the closest you'll get to street vendors and night markets in taipei. haha! :)

  2. Indeed. The World Fare truck is one of the best and original trucks I've tried.

  3. We are glad you enjoyed the food please come back and try some items from the Chefs Blackboard, introduce yourself we would love to meet you.

    The Conductor

  4. the food looks delicious!! definitely want to try soon!

  5. it looks ewwwww


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