Allston Yacht Club of Echo Park

On this late afternoon weekday, after fighting traffic, I finally made my way to the happy hour at Allston’s. My diligent research, mostly through yelp, told me about the 4 grilled cheese special. That was my number one goal. I knew that Allston’s was testing out their sandwiches for the upcoming LA grilled cheese event. I remember three out of the four were good, but i didn’t care much for the rolls they were served with.

I know the other dishes were decent. But the desserts were exceptional. I’d come back with a date for desserts. But the big problem is that they are located in a less than desirable location.

What to Order: desserts
What not to Order:

2 Pigs

Allston Yacht Club
1320 Echo Park Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 481 0454