Bellagio 鹿港小镇 , Shanghai

Comfort food comes in different shapes and sizes, and especially flavors. When people have cravings of foods, particularly of ones they grew up with, it’s like an itch that needs to be scratched. What can you? For me, one of my favorite comfort foods in Taiwanese cuisine. In Shanghai, one of the better options is Bellagio 鹿港小镇. And thank goodness it is open late.

Meat and rice, a simple combination – like meat and bread, is great start for me. The Taiwanese favorite braised pork on rice, is the answer. At Bellagio, they give you whole pot, albeit a little one, full of braised pork, with a hard boiled egg. You could eat literally 3 or 3 bowls of rice with this much braised pork. Braised pork is oily, greasy, filling, and fattening, but downright yummy! Yes, I know I shouldn’t eat too much of it. But anyways, we enjoyed it quite so. The savory bits of pork with sauce coats the rice and makes it a great tasting combination. And you know what. . . I’d order it again.

On the flip side, we also had a egg omelette with radish and cabbage with bacon. The egg omelette is a thick well-done egg that also goes great with rice. The cabbage with bacon, which is stir fried, is also another favorite of mine. You’ll find cabbage with bacon at almost any Taiwanese restaurant, as with the egg omelette.

Drinks and desserts are probably the more popular ordered items at Bellagio. Unfortunately, I was too stuffed to have any of the great fruit or ice desserts, but we did get a couple fruit drinks. I had the iced fruit tea and Miss F got the Iced Mango with Jelly. The fruit tea is refreshing and helps cleanse your palate when you have greasy Chinese foods. The iced Mango with Jelly is almost like a dessert, since you have the jelly to munch on as well.

Next time, I plan to pace myself to enjoy the popular dessert, as I recommend you to, as well.

What to Order: braised pork, cabbage with bacon, anything with mango, and the desserts
What not to Order:

2 Pigs
Price Range 1 $/¥/NT

鹿港小镇 Bellagio
太仓路68, 近嵩山路
68 Taicang Lu, near Songshan Lu
+86 21 6386 5701

西康路111, 近铜仁路
111 Xikang Lu, near Tongren Lu.

黄金城道778, 近古北南路
778 Huangjin Cheng Dao, near Gubei Lu
+86 21 6278-0722


3 Cup Chicken! - braised and spiced chicken simmering in a hot clay pot.


Bacon Cabbage with garlic. One of my favorite vegetable dishes


Braised Pork Belly


Braised Pork on rice. Taiwanese Comfort Food at its best!


Fried egg omelette with radish. This is a simple and traditional Taiwanese dish


The Egg omelette. Goes great with rice.


Fruit Tea and a Iced Mango with Jelly