Beef Noodle Soup at Master Kong Chef’s Table 康师傅私房牛肉面, Shanghai

I was going to say that I don’t usually do fast food joints, but on reflection – I have In-N-Out and Tommy’s, so doing Master Kong’s was not a stretch. This noodle chain, specializes in beef soup noodles.

Beef Soup Noodles 牛肉麵 are a favorite in Taiwan as well as other parts in China. This is simple dish, with beef and noodles, with a variety of spices, is often copied, but rarely mastered. WIth large cubes of beef, depending on the quality of cut, the meat is stewed for hours till tender with each chef’s own seasoning. The noodles, in my humble opinion, is best served al dente, creating the right mouth desired texture.

At Master Kong’s they serve this dish traditionally with side dishes, including sliced cucumbers – to cool down a spicy broth, pickled mushrooms – to satisfy local Shanghainese, and tea leaf eggs – to provide a savory component to off set the spiciness. Their menu featured different price levels of beef noodle soup, with varying qualities of beef. We had the special set which included the highest quality of beef, with the assorted sides, plus a drink. Personally, I am not a fan of beef noodle soup, since I don’t like the heavy protein filled broth. I know its a hearty meal in itself, but with my iron and uric acid levels, I know its not the best thing for me to have.

Regardless, this meal was pretty good. So good, I came back a couple days later. They don’t allow cameras, but I was able to take a few snapshots without them looking. Perhaps I should have given them a business card to tell them I was helping to promote their restaurant.


Master Kong Chef’s Table
Shanghai, NanHui, Qu Xiu Yan Lu 1032


上海浦东新区康桥镇秀沿路1032-1080, 021-68195181,