Honey Pig - Korean BBQ

I've been asked to write a little about this place. So, here it goes. . .

This is one of the more unique Korean BBQ places in the area. It features a domed cooking surface in which it allows the grease, juice, and oils - the basic GOODNESS, to drip toward the bottom. I guess it give people a sense of a more healthy meal. But for me, I liked to re-soak some of that goodness on the fried rice and some of the other meats. . . You see the kimchi and sprouts toward the bottom of the dome also soaking up some goodness as well.

For six people we had the large order of the pork, the beef, and the seasoned spicy pork. . . plus an octopus(ugh) and the great fried rice. The meats were sliced thin so that they cooked fast, since we were all starving and drooling as we walked in. The meats seem to be of a pretty good quality. And being that the place is called Honey Pig - make sure you get their famous pork slices (unseasoned). The dome is a great cooking surface, that cooks just as fast as the the regular flat grills. With the small square tables, Honey Pig offers an intimate and festive environment for smaller groups (less than 6). I would not suggest bring more than 6.

After we finished licking off the dome with meats, and just about full, the finals came. We got our customary raw Octopus . . . something I personally didn't like. Then we got this wonderful concoction of a pork soup. Omigosh! These are the times, I wish Koreans had bigger soups spoons. They ought to learn from the Chinese and have big scoops. Anyways. . . the soup was great. While we were busy drinking and downing the soup with these little spoons, the fried rice came. WOW! Make sure when you get the fried rice that you try to flatten it so that the rice becomes crispy on the grill - it just kicks it up a notch! Remember to save room for the fried rice. . .remember!

The bill came out to about 25 bucks/person including tip . . .well worth it. We even had some beer and some wine(as you can see from the pics). While you are at Honey Pig, make sure you get the Raspberry Wine - chicks dig it. Another note, right across the street - another Korean BBQ opened called Cow Country (translation from Chinese) - seems like a big place - maybe we will try that place, soon. Lastly, Honey Pig is a great place, but be prepared to smelly with a big tummy.

Honey Pig
Korea Town
3400 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(213) 380-0256

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  1. no text descriptions? at the least let us know the price.....

  2. dude you're missing an essential photo. The very last step to this meal is the fried rice. They bring out a mix of rice, seaweed, and some other goodies (forgot, it's been awhile) mixed up in gochujang (spicy pepper paste) and they fry it on your grill along with all the leftover kimchi, bean sprouts and pork bellies. Add a daenjanghigae (spicy miso soup) and you're done.


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