Late Night Yummies - JJ Cafe

JJ Cafe is your typical Monterey Park/Alhambra Cantonese late night cafe. You might have tried Garden Cafe, ABC, Sunday Bistro, and others. They all serve similar items on their menus. JJ's features several rice dishes including Fu Zhou Fried Rice as well as some noodle dishes.

Fu Zhou fried rice is a favorite for a few friends of mine. This particular fried rice dish is "wet" with the sauce they smother. With small diced pork or chicken, with green peas and mushrooms.

Personally, I like the pork chop or the chicken steak with black bean sauce. The black bean sauce is what makes these cafes unique. You won't find this type of black bean sauce anywhere.

These cafes are open late and are a great deal. Dishes start around $6 or so. On weekends, you'll find the clubbing crowd there after 2am.

JJ Cafe
447 W Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 280-3833
Open till 4am everyday

Fu Zhou Fried Rice

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  1. went cause of this blog

    Horrible place. I wanted a hot lemonade with honey cquse my throat was sore. They gave me a flask of warm water and a teacup with two thin slices of lemon.

    I then question my waiter if this was my lemonade. He then gave me attitude and was like what do you want? Lemon and water is lemonade.

    Chicken steak never came. My party of seven all got their food and finished before they were even done cooking. I forced them to cancle my steak and paid 300 for the hot water with lemon


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