Santoka - Amazing Ramen

Santoka is located at three locations around L.A. and all are in the food courts of the Mitsuwa marketplaces in West L.A., Torrance and Costa Mesa. I think their Japanese website is spelled Santouka but the receipt I got said Santoka so I'll just go with that. The food stall has no English name so just look for the ramen place with the line. Don't worry, it moves pretty fast. Be warned that this places closes early like around 7/7:30ish.
Your first sip of the broth will tell you there is something special to this ramen. What sets it apart is the amazing depth of flavor and the richness. It's like the broth has been cooking for days. Chris and I had the spicy miso and shio(salt) and both were killer. The pork that it came with was off the hook tender and pretty damn tasty. Most come in three sizes and I was totally satisfied with the regular size.
This is by far the best ramen that I have ever had. The only thing that comes close is Daikokuya with their kotteri flavor. One time I went and they were out of their kotteri flavor and after eating it, I was like why bother. My friend Scott tells me there are some better places in Gardena which I find hard to believe but I'll have to try it to believe it.