The Creator of the Pearl Milk Tea - 春水堂

On a trip back to Taipei, I was taken to a small tea house called Chun Shui Tang. I was told, that one of the chain in Taichung was responsible for creating the Pearl Milk Tea. The Pearl Milk Tea, also known as the Boba Icea Tea, is the key product in the Lollicup and Tapioca Express shops. I know girls like this place as an afternoon tea choice.

Regardless of the pearl milk tea, which I am not a big fan of, the tea house is a nice little place for . . .tea. They have a large variety of hot and iced teas with fruits, tapioca, etc. Open late, they also serve traditional Taiwanese dishes, that I grew up and love. As you can see from the picture, you can see the nice little side dishes. Chun Shui Tang also has the pork and chicken rice entrees as well as soup noodles. In addition, they have great dumplings, Taiwanese sausage, and others. You can see more pictures of what they have on their website.

You can see a list of their other locations throughout Taiwan, on their website. I am sure I will go there more often in the future. Simple traditional food at a nice little tea shop.

Chun Shui Tang


  1. nice. i need to check it out this time during Computex. Paul H.


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