Johnny Rocket's

I'm not sure what I would categorize Johnny Rocket's. It's similar to fast food, but you have waiter service. It's similar to a dine-in restaurant, yet they mostly have burger and fries. I like Johnny Rocket's for several reasons.

A. They have a consistent menu that is the same.
B. Their fries are some of the best around.
C. They can put a fried egg in your burger
D. They have old-fashion milk shakes

I don't think I have to say much more. . .most of you know about Johnny Rockets and have been there before.

One last note. . . one place in West Los Angeles that features some of the same types of menus - perhaps Johnny Rocket's copied. . .is the Apple Pan - just great burgers.

Johnny Rockets
400 S. Baldwin Drive
Arcadia, CA

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