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California Chicken Cafe is my favorite chicken place. I've been a loyal fan and have been going to the Melrose location for over 10 years. Situated near Highland and on Melrose, California Chicken Cafe is a local lunch favorite for the studios nearby.

Known for their salads, sides, rotisserie chicken, and their wraps, which are my favorite, I had my first wrap at California Chicken Cafe. In fact I would argue that California Chicken Cafe was one of the originators of the "wrap". I know other places use tortillas, but here at Triple C's - they use a pita. The pita seems to hold the food with the sauces better than a flimsy tortilla. My favorite is the rice wrap - which features a slightly savory rice inside the wrap. Perhaps its the asian side of me that likes rice. The whole package together with salsa and my other favorite - BBQ sauce - which gives it a tangy flavor make this an awesome lunch meal

I must say that in this tightly packed torpedo of a "sandwich" - its a well-put-together meal. Each of the ingredients aren't that special. In fact, friends have told me that CCC's chicken is not all that good, either. Basically it is a chicken salad in a pita wrap. But it is really good. I could eat this two or three times a week - if it wasn't so big. And that's another thing - this thing is quite large for a lunch meal. Most girls I know can only finish half.

Aside from the wraps - the other thing I want to rave about is the sides. They have this chicken pasta salad with this pink sauce/dressing. Its simple - penne pasta, with chicken chunks, and this pink sauce. For a long time - I had no idea what this sauce or dressing was - I found out that it is Russian Dressing. I still have no idea what Russian dressing is all about - but it doesn't matter. Almost every time I order a wrap, which includes 1 side, I usually get the chicken pasta salad. The other side I might get is the hot potato wedges side, or a simple chicken salad side.

I've been to the location in Westwood and Santa Monica and they are all the same - crazy busy at lunch. They are so busy at lunch, they have a separate line for the take out/phone-in line. You could see a rack full of to-go order ready to go. If i worked closer or lived closer to one - I'd probably go more often.

I've tried countless other wraps at other restaurants and chicken places and "california cuisine" spots - but nothing compares to California Chicken Cafe. I fully recommend going there for lunch.

California Chicken Cafe
6805 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 935-5877

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