Hi Sushi

This kaiden sushi restaurant, Hi sushi 海壽司, looks quite modern from outside but provides superb and creative sushi which I never tasted before.

Why I stepped in here was a mystery. Just wanted to try something different, tired of the bargain 爭鮮.

I was very impressed of so many different types of salmon nigi sushi could be offered! Both me and my hubby are salmon lovers.

↓ 3 options of tea bags - pick up whichever you like! I personally like genmai tea 玄米茶 with rice smell

↓ grounded wasabi

↓ salmon with salmon eggs + spring onion NT$80

↓ salmon with pickled herb NT$60 - my favourite

↓ salmon (again) NT$80

↓ what a big slice of sashimi! Top 1 in the restaurant

↓ salmon 明太子鮭魚 NT$80 - my hubby's favourite

↓ 鹽之花炙和牛握壽司 half raw beef with a bit sea salt on the top
NT$150 - taste very similar to yakiniku though

↓ tuna NT$60

↓ raw scallop NT$100 - tastes ok, not very impressive

↓ shrimp NT$80 - not impressive either, too dry

↓ eel NT$60 - very fresh, good!

↓ inarizushi NT$40 - good!

↓ tamagozushi NT$40 - tasted ok, not very impressive

↓ squid NT$40 - tasted ok, not very impressive though

address: 台北市內湖路1段244號


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