Royal Clayton's English Pub

Royal Claytons is an English Pub located in the new trendy industrial area of Downtown Los Angeles. They feature British food in a dark spacious bar. Royal Clayton's English Pub, the full name, is an excellent destination drinking place for a group of friends.

We stumbled upon Royal Clayton's by accident. We were suppose to go to Church & State, just across the alley, but we, unfortunately, didn't make reservations. I admit, I was a bit disappointed . . .but I was pleasantly surprised about Royal Clayton's.

One would expect large pints of ale with . And its all true. . . and they have all that and more. Their menu features Shepard's pie, Banger's, and, of course, Fish & Chips (which I had to order). The Fish & Chips, though pricey at 15 bucks, had 3 large pieces of deep fried fish with french fries. I think the fish was tender with the batter crispy, but all too greasy. But I guess fried fish is suppose to be greasy when you wash it down with beer. English comfort food or I should say "bar food" is not exactly the best food either. I think English bar food is a bit bland, but filling, and needs its accompanied beer. Next time around, I'll try the Shepard's Pie.

This particular night, I had to have Guinness, which is Irish. I guess I could have picked some random English beer. I'm not sure why, but we also had a cheese plate. Nothing special there. . .

Anyways. . .

With no expectations at all - Royal Clayton's has me wanting to come back a 2nd time.

2 pigs, $$

Royal Claytons
1855 Industrial St
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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  1. Maybe if you got out more, you would have found Royal Claytons 4 years ago when it opened back in 2005.


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