A Taipei Breakfast at 永和豆漿大王 Yong He Do Jiang Da Wang

Great for breakfast and late night urges, Yong He Da Wang seems to also have a steady flow of hungry customers at all hours. Even in the afternoon, such as the time when I went, there was a small crowd waiting for tables.

This small place, though not the more famous Yong He Do Jiang, looks as if it has been around for years. My favorite place, Si Hai Do Jiang, which used to be on Yen Chi St. and Jhong Hsiao East Road, closed down a few years ago. So, I almost was regulated to Yong He Do Jiang Da Wang (Soy Milk King) – unfortunately.

My favorite breakfast Taiwanese breakfast item is a salty Rice Burrito with a fried egg (飯糰 Fan Tuan). The rice, though is a little sticky and hard, meshes well with the rousong (dried pork), youtiao (fried dough), zha cai (pickled vegetable), and with an egg. Hearty as it sounds, it could almost satisfy you through lunch. You unwrap this meal in a hand, as if it was a burrito. The sticky rice, serves as the wrapping component. Eaten hot, you will notice the slightly hard texture of the youtaio with flavors of the dried (but now moist) pork, egg, and pickled vegetables. The savoriness combination of the pork and egg with the pickled vegetables and texture of the rice and fried dough makes this great breakfast item.

In addition, I had an egg pancake (蛋餅). This is a simple dish in which you have a fried egg with a this pancake. You fry the egg, then layer, the already fried pancake, on top. Cut in thirds, you eat with thick soy sauce and hot sauce. This dish is also one of my favorites.

But I must say the Fan Tuan at the Milk King disappointed me. I wanted to have the egg inside. But they already had prepard Fan Tuan’s, so essentially, mine was not fresh. They choose to fry the egg and wrap the egg around the Fan Tuan. Though it had almost the familiar flavors, it just felt different.

What to Order: Egg Pancake 蛋餅, a Fresh Fan Tuan with an egg inside
What not to Order: a not fresh (or stale) Fan Tuan

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Yong He Soy Milk King (Yong He Do Jiang Da Wang)

102 Fuxing South Road, Sec. 2
(02) 2703-5051

hours: 24 hours/7 days a week